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This topic seems to be my most frequently asked questions from clients & inquiries. So, let’s talk about what exactly photo license is and why it’s important. I have come to find that this topic is one that a lot of newer business owners don’t know much about. Which is why I chose this subject for the first of the “Let’s Talk blog series”.

A license is a contract/ agreement in which the photographer grants specific rights like how (website, social media, print ads, magazines) are able to use the images and the length of time they are able to use them to ONLY the client. The client can only use the image within the scope of the contract. If they want to use the images in a different way outside the scope of the contract they need to go back to the photographer and get a different licenses to that specific need. When clients work with me they get my standard licensing. It covers website, social media, online advertising. So, what happens when a client submits images to get published and a magazine wants to pick it up? The magazine itself will have to obtain licensing for the images they want to use. If the magazine declines to pay for licensing then the designer and/or architect may choose to pay for the licensing for the magazine to use. This goes to any contractors and other businesses that want to use the images.

If you’re looking to read more about photo licensing I highly suggest checking out this article by the American Society of Media Photographers .

Coming from a wedding photography background this was a whole new avenue that I have come to learn a lot about. Personal use photographers, think weddings, families, newborn clients don’t need to obtain a photo license because they will not be using their images for a business and ultimately to make money.

Photographers! Think of it this way. If eyes will be on your images and a business will be profiting from your images … you need a photo license! With social media these days a photographers craft and rights need to be protected. I’m thinking of talking about copyrights for an upcoming Let’s Talk post. Let me know if that would be something you’re interested in!

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